Profile - Doctor

Wayanad Ayurvedic Villa is headed by Dr Surendramohan, the third generation ayurvedic doctor of great repute. Doctor has more than four decades of experience in the field of ayurveda. His grandfather Raman Vaidyar was the chief physician of Poomully Mana, a highly reputed family of the then kingdom. The ‘vaidyar’ family was totally dedicated to only ayurveda that even the fourth generation is also practising the same. Raman Vaidyar and family relocated to the then remote area of Wayanad decades ago with the view of giving medical aid to the tribals and settlers reeling under malaria and other epidemics. The tradition still continues with Dr Surendramohan through various social activities. Dr Surendramohan runs an ayurvedic hospital and also an ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit at Wayanad with its own ayurvedic herbal garden. Dr Surendramohan specialises in genetic diseases, rheumatic and liver disorders. Being the chief physician of Wayanad Ayurvedic Villa, it is his vision to make our guests across the globe experience the benefits of ayurveda , in a scenic and serene environment which is quintessentially Wayanad.